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Graycor Helps Cub Scouts Achieve “Build It” Requirement at Oakbrook Center AMC Theater Jobsite

Meet Graycor’s newest jobsite safety enforcers!

Late last fall, Graycor Construction played host to a local Cub Scouts group at General Growth Properties’ (GGP) Oakbrook Center AMC Theatre job site in Oak Brook, Illinois. On a mission to fulfill their “Build It” requirement set in place to promote building and motor skills, tool knowledge and good safety practices, the cub scout “den” of ten dedicated their snowy, Saturday morning to learning more about what a career in construction entails.

In keeping with Graycor’s protocol of safety always being number one on the action item list, the morning started with a brief demonstration of our safety culture and why these efforts are crucial to keeping our employees safe. Each child was provided a bag of gear including a personalized hard hat, measuring tape, flashlight and safety glasses and encouraged to think about why personal protective equipment (PPE) is mandatory on construction sites.
Once on site, the den was given a tour of the job site at approximately 45% completion and shown various pieces of construction equipment and their various uses, including a 300 ton Model 2250 crane. A basic overview of building materials, material handling and project schedules was also introduced, as well as the importance of listening and communicating amongst your team members whenever on site.

Throughout the tour, the den not only achieved a greater understanding of why safety measures must be followed, but it also helped them gain appreciation for several forms of craftsmanship needed to run a successful job.

A big thank you to Cub Scouts den leader and GGP Vice President Adam Tritt for his help in organizing the event.