Sheboygan, Wisconsin

Tier II MATS Compliance – Unit 4

Client / Owner

Alliant Energy

Architect / Engineer

Sargent & Lundy, LLC




Graycor Industrial

Project Scope

Graycor Industrial Constructors was contracted along with Sargent & Lundy (engineer) to complete environmental upgrades to a series of coal-fired plants owned by Alliant Energy. In total, four generating units at three of Alliant’s Midwest plants received emission reduction upgrades. The improvements, related to air quality control systems (ACQS), will reduce mercury and fine particulate matter emissions and support compliance with the federal Mercury Air and Toxics Standards (MATS) rule.

For Alliant Energy’s ACQS projects, Graycor worked closely with local trades and equipment manufacturers to complete these compliance-driven environmental upgrades at generating stations in Iowa and Wisconsin. Work included foundations, piping, conduit and cabling, air and water systems, equipment skids incorporating blowers and pumps, distributed control system (DCS) interface controls and the offload and setting of storage silos and tanks. With each of these complex projects, scheduling and coordination among project participants were key components of success.

At Alliant’s Edgewater Generating Station in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, Graycor teams were back on site working on the installation of a LFGC system. This project was completed in the fourth quarter of 2014.